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Queens Eyes. Limited Edition Fine Art Print . Gallery.

Title: Queens Eyes

Print Size:  50.5 cm x 84.1cm

ISO: 100

Focal Length: 35mm

Aperture: f/2.8

Art Description

Digital Fine Art Print. 

Fine Art Paper: Epson Hot Press Bright

1/20 Limited Original Prints

Frame Description

Size: 76cm x 109.5

Double Window mount

Framed in a 2cm (w) x 3cm (d)

Frame Glass Description

Museum Non-Reflective Glass

Glass Manufacturer: Tru Vue ®


Glass Features

a) Virtually eliminates reflections

b) Blocks up to 99% UV rays

Optimal light transmission brightens colors.

Enhanced surface for better durability and easy cleaning.

No ripple or ''orange peel'' effect on glass surface.

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Queens Eyes Fine Art Print Limited Edition
Queens Eyes Fine Art Limited Print. Authenticity Signature