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Series of contemporary abstract photography captured using the ICM technique, also known as Intentional Camera Movement. These techniques are simply a combination of Long Exposure and camera movement.

''Here I ignored the rules of photography''

Swirling Towers

Abstract Neon photography - Swirling Towers

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Abstact Neon Photography
Mockup abstract neon

These are two images are neon light reflection on the water. I know........ they don't look like reflections at all, however, the techniques I used are simple,... intentional camera shake, and manipulation editing of the image during post-processing which I'm able to create these amazing abstract colourful images.  

~ First Contact~ 

Abstract Neon Art Chris los Photographer

~ Mystery River~

ICM photography,

~Into the Vortex~

Vortex, Abstract photography, abstract neon
Vortex Frame Mockup.
Abstract neon, photography, Chris Los Photographer

~ Midnight Reflections ~

Abstract color photography
mockup midnight reflections jpg.jpg
Abstract Art Photography