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Why I love photography... is because I capture a composition out of my imaginary sense of mind, 

which cannot be reproduced.

~Chris Los~

Chris Los a Fine Art and Landscape Photographer


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Chris Los is a self-taught fine art and landscape photographer with an Engineering background who grew up in South Africa from a Greek family. He became a passionate photographer ever since he was 18yrs, His father being a photographer and an electrical engineer himself, inspired him and fell in love with photography ever since.


His very first camera was a 1982 SLR Nikon FG and he also had the opportunity to process and develop 35mm film in his fathers back yard darkroom. 


It wasn't till 2005 where he realized that photographic art and technology drive modern photography today and that's when fine art photography became his passion. it's about being creative with photography.

He currently lives in Dubai - United Arab Emirates working for a construction firm.

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